Refer and Earn 2%* commission Lifetime Partnership

“Refer and Earn” program with a 2% commission for referrals who place an
order and pay in full, please include specific clauses and program terms and
conditions to ensure clarity and fairness. Possible clauses to consider: Amit
please see which clauses to keep and how to present in a attractive manner,
will discuss about it.

-Eligibility: Specify who is eligible to participate in the referral program. This
could include current customers, partners, or anyone interested in referring
potential clients.
-Referral Link/Code: Provide a unique referral link or code to participants that
they can share with potential clients. This link or code will be used to track
-Commission Criteria: Define the criteria for earning a commission. In this
case, it’s when the referred client places an order and pays in full.
-Commission Amount: Clearly state that the commission is 2% of the total
order value paid in full by the referred client.
-Payment Method: Describe how the commission will be paid, whether it’s
through cash, check, a digital payment platform, or other means.
– Payment Schedule: Specify when commissions will be paid. This could be
upon confirmation that the referred client’s order has been paid in full or on a
set schedule (e.g., monthly).
– Refund Policy: Address what happens if the referred client requests a refund.
Is the commission clawed back, or is it only paid out if the referred client’s
order is non-refundable?
-Communication: Explain how referrals should be submitted, tracked, and
verified. It could involve an online portal, email, or a designated contact
– Client Verification: Describe how the referred client’s payment and order will
be verified, and any timeframes for this process.
– Exclusions: Make it clear if there are any product/service categories or types
of orders that are excluded from the referral program.
– Termination: Specify the conditions under which the referral program or a
participant’s involvement in it may be terminated.
– Changes to Terms: Reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of –
the program and communicate these changes to participants.
– Non-transferability: Clarify that commissions and referrals are
non-transferable and cannot be sold or traded.
– Legal Compliance: Ensure that your program complies with all relevant laws
and regulations, such as tax reporting requirements.
– Participant’s Responsibilities: Outline the responsibilities of the participants
in terms of promoting the program in a legal and ethical manner.
– Confidentiality: Address any confidentiality concerns, especially if
participants will have access to sensitive information about your business or
– Dispute Resolution: Establish a process for resolving any disputes or
disagreements related to commissions or referrals.

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