Living Accessories offers vital representation services to Indian manufacturers and exporters, enabling seamless market entry into Australia and New Zealand. Our dedicated support includes active participation in year-round trade fairs and exhibitions, showcasing products in our Sydney showroom. By registering your business with us, you open doors to an expanded digital and physical presence, ensuring your products reach the right audience in these thriving markets. Join hands with Living Accessories and step into a realm of endless business possibilities.


Expand Your Digital and Physical Presence With Us.

Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.
Market Representation for Overseas Businesses.
Showroom in Sydney for Product Display.
Dedicated Assistance for Market Entry.

Product Innovation

Living Accessories team spends a lot of time to understand client requirements, getting all minute details, brainstorming and suggesting alternates as well. We have established guidelines which help us in an uninterrupted workflow and achieve desired level of quality and services from our suppliers and vendors. Our internal and external team pays attention to detail to our Standard Operating Procedures while working on any of client orders and ensure all protocols are followed.

Living Accessories Product Innovation

Quality Assurance

Living Accessories Quality Assurance

Quality is the core value at Living Accessories. Hence, we only source goods from the most authentic and reliable suppliers. Our team of highly experienced and trained professionals conducts stringent tests and three levels of inspection of the products prior to the dispatch.

As the sourcing agents, we take full responsibility for selecting a vendor, selecting good-quality material, and sending the required sample to the customer for approval prior to starting mass production. Quality is our priority. We work as per the requirements and specifications of our valuable customers.


The Logistics department works hand in hand with the Quality Control department. Once the QC department gives a go ahead to the logistics department, they follow up regularly with the clearing and forwarding agents keeping a daily report of activity on the consignment of goods in order to follow up on the documents required for shipping. This also helps us keep track of delivery and meet our commitment to our clients of on-time delivery. Our team has designed hybrid software to enable a systematic follow-up on delivery schedules. We also provide consolidation of merchandise as buyers normally prefer to have the merchandise consolidated from various suppliers and presented to them.

Keeping in mind all rules and regulations laid down by the Australian government, our Logistics team works closely with the supplier at each step of shipment of goods. All suppliers working with us are provided with a checklist and are trained on protocols to be followed at each stage. 

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