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At LIVING ACCESSORIES, we hold ethical sourcing at the core of our business
philosophy. Our commitment to ethical sourcing reflects our dedication to making
responsible and sustainable choices in every step of our operations. We believe that
how we source our products matters not only for the quality of our offerings but for
the world we all share.
Ethical sourcing to us means ensuring that every product we provide has been
crafted with respect for human rights, the environment, and the well-being of the
communities involved in its production. We prioritise working with suppliers who
share our values and adhere to fair labour practices, responsible environmental
stewardship, and the highest standards of integrity.
We take great care to establish and maintain transparent and trustworthy
relationships with our suppliers, conducting due diligence and audits to ensure that
our supply chain meets the highest ethical standards. This dedication to ethical
sourcing is not just a choice; it’s our promise to you, our planet, and future
When you choose LIVING ACCESSORIES, you can trust that the products you receive
are the result of a conscientious commitment to ethical sourcing. Thank you for
supporting our mission to create a better, more sustainable world through every
ethical choice we make.

Socially Responsible Sourcing

1. Labour Rights: Ensuring that workers involved in the production of goods
are treated fairly, paid a living wage, and provided safe working conditions.
This may involve avoiding child labour and forced labor.

2. Environmental Responsibility: Minimising the environmental impact of
sourcing activities by considering sustainability, reducing waste, and using
eco-friendly practices.

3. Fair Trade: Supporting fair trade practices that benefit producers,
particularly in developing countries, by offering fair prices and promoting
sustainable development.

4. Supply Chain Transparency: Understanding and monitoring the entire
supply chain to identify and address potential ethical issues, such as
exploitation, environmental damage, or human rights violations.

5. Social Responsibility: Considering the social and cultural impacts of
sourcing decisions on local communities and indigenous populations.

6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Adhering to local and international
laws and regulations governing labour, environmental practices, and other
ethical considerations.

Core Expertise:to Key Competencies

At Living Accessories, our expertise in connecting Indian manufacturers to the Asia
Pacific market is underpinned by several key factors that make us stand out:
1. Local Market Knowledge: We have an in-depth understanding of the Indian
market, its nuances, and evolving trends enabling us to make informed
sourcing decisions.
2. Extensive Network: We maintain direct contact with mid to major weavers,
craftsmen, manufacturers, and wholesalers, ensuring a comprehensive range
of sourcing options.
3. Specialization in Product Hubs: We tap into India’s diverse product
producing hubs, each known for its unique varieties, enabling us to offer a
wide array of options.
4. Trade Show Access: We participate and attend trade shows across
different parts of India, staying updated with new ideas and products, and
building connections for the benefit of our clients.
5. Ethical Sourcing: Our commitment to ethical manufacturing and
sustainability ensures responsible and environmentally friendly practices.
Choose us as your offshore intermediary for a seamless, ethical, and expert sourcing
experience that’s backed by our extensive local knowledge and wide-ranging

Establishing Strategic Vendor Partnerships

We take a methodical approach to selecting our extensive list of local vendors,
evaluating several critical factors to ensure the utmost quality, efficiency, and
reliability for your product sourcing requirements. This decision, which we refer to as
‘choosing the right vendor,’ involves a thorough assessment process, considering
several key elements:

1.Quality: Living accessories ensures that the vendor consistently delivers
high-quality products or services that meet its standards and specifications.
2.Cost: Living accessories evaluates the vendor’s pricing and cost structure
to ensure it fits within the company’s budget while offering value for money.
3.Reliability: Living accessories assesses the vendor’s ability to meet
deadlines and deliver orders on time, preventing disruptions in its operations.
4.Reputation: Living accessories researches the vendor’s reputation, including
customer reviews and its standing in the industry, to gauge its
5.Compatibility: Living accessories verifies that the vendor’s offerings align
with the company’s specific needs and can be seamlessly integrated into its
existing systems and processes.
6.Scalability: Living accessories considers whether the vendor can adapt to
the company’s growth and changing requirements over time.
7.Support and Service: Living accessories evaluate the level of customer
support and after-sales service the vendor provides, as this is essential for
addressing any issues that may arise.
8.Compliance and Legal Considerations: Living accessories ensures the
vendor complies with all relevant regulations and legal requirements,
especially in industries with strict compliance standards.
9.Location: Living accessories takes into account the vendor’s location and
its impact on shipping costs, delivery times, and any international trade
regulations that may apply.
10.Risk Management: Living accessories assesses potential risks associated
with the vendor, including its financial stability, data security measures, and
business continuity plans.
11.Long-term Relationship: Living accessories considers the potential for
establishing a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with the vendor,
fostering a collaborative and sustainable business relationship.

In summary, our meticulous approach to vendor selection focuses on these key
elements, ensuring that the chosen vendors align with your specific requirements,
values, and long-term strategic goals. This ultimately contributes to the success and
operational efficiency of your business.

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